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How Successful Consultants Thrive During Chaos and Uncertainty

Whether you're just getting into consulting or you're a seasoned consulting veteran but aren't experiencing the level of success and results you truly desire, this book offers you the advantage you need.

In times of chaos and uncertainty, some freeze up or falter, but others rise up and prosper. When you’re struggling with doubt and fear, when your self-esteem and confidence are waning, this book provides a proven path for not only managing the chaos but thriving. In ACT NOW you will learn how to:

  • Continue to grow your business regardless of the state of the economy
  • Use proven principles to develop a positive mindset when facing uncertainty
  • Find massive opportunity and gain competitive advantage in turbulent - times
  • How to best deliver value to create long-term relationships and clients for life
  • And much, much more
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Michael Zipursky provides solid examples of what consultants can do now to thrive during these unprecedented times. I followed his advice and landed two new clients!"

Earline Lagueruela
Chief Executive Officer - B2GSA Consulting

Right now, people need perspective and a bit of clear-headed strategizing. Making it the perfect time for a book like Michael Zipursky’s “ACT NOW: How successful consultants thrive during chaos and uncertainty.” This slender volume gets right to the point, offering strategies that consultants must adopt during times like these in order to continue growing their businesses."

Martin Lindstrom
Brand and culture transformation expert and the Founder of Lindstrom Company

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Michael's work has always been about helping folks improve their consulting business in good or bad times. And now, when the world needs consultants more than ever, but those same consultants are as confused about 'what to do next' as everyone else, Michael once again shows the path forward. A fast read that will make massive impact now and down the road. Kudos!"

Erik Luhrs
Founder, Erik Luhrs Global

Meet Michael Zipursky

of Act Now

CEO of and coach to elite consultants, Michael has coached and trained more than 6000 consultants from around the world. In this book, Michael identifies the most significant factor in your success: your mindset. Michael shares with you the principles used by himself and the elite consultants he privately coaches that will help you overcome challenges, remove obstacles, and grow your business and success significantly.

Michael Zipursky

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Consistently attract ideal clients, win high-value proposals, and scale your consulting business with confidence.

How effective is your marketing system in attracting clients? You’re a great consultant. You know how to provide value for your clients and help them reach their goals. However, if you’re like most of the consultants we’ve worked with over the last 18+ years, your challenge isn’t doing the client work, it’s getting more clients. And most importantly, what you want is to attract ideal high-value clients on a predictable and consistent basis.

Many consultants find that referrals help them to get their first few clients. But referrals from your network don’t always last. In fact, the most successful consultants don’t rely on referrals.

They don’t “rely” on anything. They take action. They master their marketing and sales. They build a system that predictably drives new leads and ideal clients. It’s a system that once planned and built (the RIGHT way) becomes one of their highest points of leverage. It’s what drives the growth of their business and makes it so profitable, consistent, and sustainable.

We help our clients and coaching students create these systems and they consistently get results. That’s exactly what the Clarity Coaching Program is all about. We work with a small group of dedicated consultants and teach them how to consistently attract ideal clients, earn higher fees, win more proposals, and achieve meaningful success.

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